TriState Warriors Football Team


Welcome to the home of the TriState Warriors Women’s Football Team! Established in September 2021, our team marks the pinnacle of women’s full-contact football in the dynamic tri-state area.


Our Mission: Empowering Women Through Football


Pioneering the Future of Women’s Football The TriState Warriors take pride in being a Division 2 member of the Women’s Football Alliance. We offer women over 18 an exhilarating opportunity to engage in professional 11-on-11 tackle football, promoting strength, unity, and sportsmanship.

Dedicated Coaching for Unmatched Excellence Under the guidance of our visionary founders and experienced coaches, Rich Harrigan and Lybrant “LB” Robinson, our team flourishes. They apply over 14 years of collective women’s football coaching expertise to nurture and advance our players’ skills.


Our Community: A Hub of Passion and Dedication


Rooted in Community, Reaching for Greatness Our home in New Brunswick, New Jersey, buzzes with enthusiasm for the Warriors. We cherish our community’s support, fostering local talent to reach national stages.

Celebrating Our Team’s Achievements As part of the esteemed Women’s Football Alliance, the TriState Warriors celebrate numerous successes. From thrilling match victories to individual player accomplishments, we shine both on and off the field.


Join the Warriors: Be Part of Our Journey


If you share our passion for football and strive for greatness, the TriState Warriors want you. Join us at our tryouts, attend our games, and be part of a movement that’s more than just a team—it’s a family bound by the love of the game.